The Campaign To Change Direction – Know The 5 Signs

Oregon Trail Recovery, in association with The Campaign to Change Direction, is proud to be one of the many dedicated organizations to “Take the Pledge” this month to know the Five Signs indicative of someone struggling with emotional pain. Change Direction is dedicated to their noble cause which aims “…to change the culture of mental health…


National Recovery Month – Community As A Cornerstone

This September marks the 27th anniversary of National Recovery Month. The entire month raises awareness towards those who struggle with substance use disorder, as well as mental health awareness. Sponsored by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), this year’s theme concerns itself with…

synthetic opioids

Synthetic Opioids and The Dark Web: What Is the Playing Field Now?

On a cool October afternoon in 2013, FBI officials announced the arrest of 29-year old Ross Williams Ulbricht. He’s better known by his internet pseudonym, Dead Pirate Roberts. Ulbricht was subsequently unmasked as the head administrator of the website Silk Road; a Dark Web server-based website in which a whole array of illegal goods and…

consultation and referrals

Consultation and Referrals: All Roads Lead to Rome

In the realm of health insurance, there are several options for drug and alcohol treatment. Most private and public insurance providers are willing to cover a portion of an individual’s treatment payments. This is because most healthcare providers view treatment as not only a positive benefit to the recipients mental and physical health, but also…

compulsive behavior

Compulsive Behavior: Traits of Addiction Outside Substance Abuse

There are times in our profession where we must shift our focus away from substance abuse. Instead, focus on behaviors that are both repetitive and often times pathological. With our attention away from these harmful substances, we can turn our focus to similar behaviors. Namely, this involves looking at compulsive behavior, and its similarities with…