What is Drug Addiction Treatment

Many individuals and families who encounter a problem of drug addiction face the dilemma of a lifetime. They may be left with the question “What is going on?” or “What should I do about this?” Drug addiction entails a very broad and reaching spectrum of substances, causes, conditions, and risks. However, drug addiction treatment can lead to lasting recovery and a sober lifestyle.

As such, drug addiction treatment includes a vast array of approaches, interventions, and philosophies. In addition, some drug addiction treatment providers aim to lower the amount of damage that drug abuse has on individuals and society. These methods are commonly known as “harm reduction” efforts, as they aim to reduce rates of disease prevalence.

While the intentions place the health and recovery of drug addiction in high priority, many disagree with these methods. Furthermore, these individuals adhere to a philosophy that believes complete abstinence is the ultimate goal of treatment. While harm reduction and abstinence-based approaches are similar in some ways, they vary substantially in other ways.

Harm Reduction and Abstinence

Harm reduction relies heavily on medication-assisted treatment as a long-term remedy, and often loses sight of the psychotherapeutic interventions that are vital in addressing core issues. Abstinence treatment often begins with a medical detox, in which medications stabilize an individual and assist with alleviating physical withdrawal conditions.

Abstinence-based treatment differs from harm reduction in that these stabilization drugs serve as a means to an end. Harm-reduction often employs indefinite regiments of opioid replacement, which fails to allow the brain and body to heal most effectively.

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Oregon Trail Recovery aims to maintain a high standard of abstinence-based drug addiction treatment. This uses individual and group psychotherapy, a sober living program, and our intensive outpatient program to allow clients to build a drug-free lifestyle. However, drug addiction affects every facet of an individual’s lifestyle. Our comprehensive approach to drug addiction treatment allows enough time and support for clients to work on all areas of their life, so that true healing and recovery is possible and lasting.